Are you a person who can never get comfortable or get any sleep on an airplane flight? If that’s you, it shouldn’t surprise you that you’re not alone. Attaining comfort and quality rest on an airplane remains a persistent challenge for most people and it’s only getting worse. Aircraft cabins have become increasingly crowded. In order to stay competitive and keep up with demand, airlines have been forced to increase seating density. Unfortunately, if you’re flying coach, that means very cramped and uncomfortable seating.


That’s why we founded Hypnap, a consumer goods startup company based in the Boston area, that is launching a product called TruRest – an innovative travel rest aid that makes flying dramatically more comfortable by supporting the full body, both head and chest, leaning forward. TruRest is ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact and highly adjustable.


I came up with the idea for the product on a miserable flight I took from Singapore to the US, and after years of not being able to sleep or get comfortable on an airplane. My business partner Darryl joined forces with me to found and launch our company.

We’re currently refining TruRest’s design and we hope to have an MVP in the next couple of months.

The only obstacle standing in the way of us being able to bring you TruRest and put it on the market is we need to raise money to produce it. We are therefore interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign. We’re hoping that we can raise the money that we need through the campaign, show demand for future investors and finally get this awesome solution for frequent leisure and business travelers on the market!

These days, getting the word out and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign requires some serious marketing skills. Neither Darryl nor I have a marketing background and we don’t have the funds to hire a PR/marketing firm or employ an in-house marketing team. Our question was, how do we do this? We thought, maybe we can acquire these skills. So, we are currently enrolled in an online marketing course so that we can gain the necessary skills and have the best shot possible at launching a successful campaign.

We’re excited about this endeavor and getting closer to launching our product and making travel more comfortable for you. If you’re excited about our product too and want to get it as soon as possible, please sign up for our email list on our website,, so that we can update you about our campaign launch. Be a part of revolutionizing air travel with Hypnap!

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